Current Destiny Projects: Turned to Dark

An ambitious, short film project to be filmed in-game using exploits as well as game features to record "gameplay" and character interaction without any first-person obstruction.


  • GT: Blu Koi | Email:
  • GT: CD6405 | Email:
  • GT: Vyszalaks | Email:
  • GT: RudeOnion

(Still looking for people to help)


Made a Reddit post asking for help making a video; outlined the story and began planning. Also began writing the script.


Mocked up setups for the three main characters and their respective story arcs.

Ward is an accomplished Hunter and doesn't feel the need to change his attire; Malphur becomes a hunter and takes up Ward's mantle; Yor grows darker as he turns away from the light.


Compiled Image for reference: