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  • occasionally on #ThrowbackThursday about an older movie over 20-years-old, as time allows.
  • occasionally on #MissedMonday, featuring movies that I've been meaning to watch but haven't gotten around to, as time allows.

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My father, Chris Danger Wright, ensured that, in youth, I be exposed to movies of a heightened caliber, from The Purple Rose of Cairo to Seven Samurai. I consider myself lucky to have grown up with such a prized and artful cinematic experience at my fingertips.

My mother, Raquel PhD Maderazo, has supported my every artistic endeavor. From wanting to design t-shirts to graphic design and letting me take the time I needed to realize the Wright direction in my life, nothing can take the place of that freedom to express and explore.

My big brother, Zachariah Kuya Wright, has been inspirational from a young age. From his ordered mind to his high-class sensibilities, my current personal and design aesthetics would be vastly different without him. And the deep, behind-the-scenes interest and research mentality has been nothing but helpful... if sometimes distracting.

My best friend, Sandy Left-Los-Angeles Rhee, never put me down for a single decision I've ever made. Even when those decisions were stupid and she made sure I knew how stupid I'd been, her mission has only ever been to steer me right. Without her... who knows what kind of asshole I'd be today...

My amazing girlfriend, Julie Jboogie Lee, has been supportive and understanding of my dream and passions. While encouraging me to finish school and even as a full time worker and student she still encourages my artistic passions in design, photography, film, and writing.

The Blu Koi would not exist without you.